Wearing: LEVIS jacket, AMERICAN EAGLE sweater, EXPRESS joggers, CLARKS desert boots

Happy New Years! When the clock struck 12 on New Years eve I was in my bed resting, sadly I spent the whole day vomiting.  So no matter how bad your New Years eve was, I think mine may have been worse.  But not to worry, I have the rest of the year to make good memories. Like shooting this post! When me and my photographer (Leticia) took the pictures for this post we were freezing our rear ends.  But looking back at it, it was fun.

Lets talk about the outfit. Simplicity is the key here.  Everyone has a denim jacket, and if you don’t, shame on you! Go out and buy one.  Joggers have now and forever will be a fad. But I’m sorry to say that the olive green color I chose won’t last forever. I had to use that beautiful green before I went into the fashion vault.  The sweater I am wearing has to be my new favorite sweater, I recommend everyone get one.  And to finish it off, I added a pair of Clarks because you can never go wrong with a pair of Clarks.  If you haven’t already, check me out on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE.

Photos: Leticia Sanchez



  1. The gloves really complete the look for me and the very cool-colored theme of the pictures is pleasing to the eyes.


  2. By going with a more subtler approach, really shows how you really show how anyone can pull of a good outfit by targeting common articles of clothing, respect my friend


  3. You look so good 😛😛 I love the photos. 😍
    Can’t believe you didn’t tell me about the blog sooner 🙄🙄. LOVE IT THOOOOOOUGH.


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