UNIQLO x Theory










Wearing: UNIQLO X THEORY Button Down Polo Shirt, UNIQLO Chino shorts, VANS Canvas Authentic Shoe, RAYBAN Wayfarer

I’ve always been a fan of the cool and modern look that came with anything from Theory.  That’s why I was stoked when I heard Theory was going to colaborate with UniQlo.  Out of all the collared shirts or polos I’ve worn, this collar is the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn.  I choose quality over quantity every time and I had this in mind when I bought the polo.  I can see this polo being in my wardrobe for a long time.

When making an outfit it’s always a hit or miss, there is no in between.  The outfit I constructed today is, and will always be a hit.  The colors and shape of this outfit are neutral and minimalistic, but will never go out of style.

As you’ve seen I’ve added a lifestyle tab to my blog, and there is nothing there currently.  I promise it won’t stay like that for long. I’ll get something up as soon as I can. If you haven’t already, check me out on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE.

Photos: Leticia Sanchez



  1. I really like how your photos ranged from serious Danny to Goofy Daniel, it shows that you really enjoy and have fun doing this, congrats man, hair cut looking fine asf


  2. The shirt goes perfect with the navy shorts! Im glad you combined the colors! The shirt looks super comfy, and shoes really pop too!


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